One application of social technology to a transportation problem caught my eye today: social flights.

There are two civilian air travel economies – the public and the private. Private air travel, on private jets from quasi-public air fields, is a completely different experience. For one, there is no invasive security. Delays are fewer. Service is better.

The drawback is the cost. Very few people can afford a private flight.

Enter the what if.

What if the coordination problems among a large group of people could be reconciled? What then? Why, you’d be able to take a private jet with a number of like minded people, at a coordinated time, without delays and harassment – and probably do it for less than you would flying commercial.

Enter the solution.

Social networking technology to coordinate the movements.

The original social network in this field used to be the corporation. A group of executives would coordinate their travel and flights together. For very major corporations, they all catch the jet from LA to New York together.

For everybody else, the distributed network, you have to use social. Can a social network be more effective than a corporation in coordinating such efficiencies?

Watch social flights to find out. It’s a novel solution to the problem of commercial air travel.