Did I mention how cold it is outside?

A few points from day 2:

  • Impressed with the transparency of Bill Whymark of GE. He detailed his segmentation process, in detail, and had a large number of slides which had been redacted by legal. Words x’d out in mid sentence. My key takeaway was the ongoing gap between value proposition writing (marketing / comm strategy) and segmentation. Bill was able to prove very remarkable lifts as a result of the segmentation as a result of operational improvements caused as a result of the segments (prioritization). Pretty powerful material.

  • A second instance of creative override of segmentation was discussed in another presentation. An automotive enthusiast/under the hood segment was to be activated by way of a travel-roadster campaign. That’s what the creative agency matched. (What?). There’s room for creativity. Always. There’s being creative for the purpose of being smart, and there’s being a dipstick. Clearly, there’s a lot more work to be done on the ArtScience frontier.

  • New jargon: “A Test and Learn Agenda”

  • Lots of people talking about incorporating social, and are really vague about it.

Emma Warrillow and I are presenting “The Clash of the Analytics Titans” on day 3. I promise the content delivers on the title.