It’s warmer today.

Two points from Day 3:

  • When pressed on what DM’ers thought of web analysts, some made comparisons to ‘convenient reasoning’. The comparison wasn’t made in a nice voice. That should actually really concern you if you’re a web analyst.

  • Broad concern about devils in details on FTC ‘do not track’ list.


I have a much better understanding of the problems that face DM’ers, compared to the problems facing WA’s. Not all of them are interesting problems. Some of them are solvable if DM’ers and analysts work together.

The linkage between ‘insight’ and ‘innovation’ has been finally, for the absolute first time in my mind, been completely made. I may actually calm down about the use of the term ‘insight’ and ‘insights’ in the coming quarter.

A thank you to those who came out to our session on database versus web analytics.

One thought on “NCDM Day 3 Roundup

  1. Matt Gershoff says:

    I would be interested to hear a little summary about the database vs web analytics session.

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