Have you seen this site, put out by Google for their “Our Mobile Planet” study?

It’s an excellent way to present data in a very accessible, very explorable way. I found it inspiring.

The call to action is “create your chart now”. A very good, honest, call to action.

The technology adoption S-curve can be a slow beast, and expectations of growth have persistently outstripped actual adoption, at least in North America, and especially in Canada. Adoption has a few drags on it in North America and Europe. No such drags exist in Asia.

The chart below compares all the countries smartphone penetration. (Click to embiggen)

That chart masks underlining maturity in each country. The chart below compares m-commerce ‘at least one time’ usage across Germany, China, and the United States. The big three economies. (Click to embiggen).


That’s a good snapshot. M-commerce is thought of as a pretty big risk in North America.

In many ways, the melding of couponing with check-ins was the right bridge into mobile for the times. As we all watch Groupon careen into the inevitable mess, we all ask ‘what’s next’. I ask, ‘where’s the utility’, ‘how can mobile be used to salvage previously wasted parts of my day?’

I look to m-commerce as being predictable. Certain firms, like Plastic Mobile, have extensive experience with eCommerce, and understand mobile. They’re not going to replicate the pain of the nineties. There’s an inevitability to it.

Though, painfully punctuated.

This would have happened sooner if it wasn’t for the double whammy of policy plus recession.


One thought on “Our Mobile Planet – Select statistics for International Smartphone Penetration

  1. Melody says:

    We totally agree with the predictability of the m-commerce space and would agree that this time around the process should be far less painful since we have all gained the experience of going through it once in the 90s.

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