Stephane Hamel posted an excellent article today on “The Three Heads of Online Analytics“.

To summarize:

  • To succeed in online analytics, we need an analytics competency center.
  • Start with the business in mind, get the technology in place, and then analyze to generate insights.
  • Analyze your weaknesses and zap them, try adapting ‘paired programming’ that’s common in agile methods.

I commented:

  • There are T’s, S’s, and A’s. T’s are technical analysts. S’s are strategic analysts. A’s are Analytics (actual analytics, not fake BI reporting) analytics.
  • Hiring a competent T-A is exceptional. Finding a S-A is getting easier. Finding a good T-S-A is damn near impossible. Most of them are consultants.
  • Web analysts need to identify their weaknesses, be it T, S, or A – and move to vigorously eliminate them.

I thank Stephane for bringing it up and contributing.

2 thoughts on “Strategic Analysts, Technical Analysts, Analytical Analysts – A response to Stephane Hamel

  1. A big THANK YOU for contributing to the conversation and making web analytics simpler!

    One thing I might have failed to point out clearly in the article is the fact those are skills, not individual people.

    As you point out, the T-A, S-A and T-S-A example reinforce the fact we have strenghts and weaknesses. Although the same person can be good at two dimensions, nobody canbe perfect at all three.

    As one of my old boss told me once… “we have the strenghts of our weaknesses” 🙂

  2. Agreed, those are skills, and people can learn all three.

    I thank you for opening this up. It’s the best time of year to evaluate what you need to learn and go out and zap those.

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