Patrick Glinski, as always, is the catalyst behind Toronto’s Beer Camp.

The even tomorrow at the Bier Mrkt promises to be one of the largest ever. There are going to be a number of breakout groups so that everybody gets a chance to learn something and share some knowledge, and it’ll be a great chance for the broader web analytics community to get together and compare notes. (It’s been a few month months since our conference.

If you’re in Toronto and in data mining, IA, or interactive more broadly, you should come on out. 🙂

One thought on “Web Analytics Wednesday in Toronto

  1. José Luis says:

    Hi Chris,

    It was definitely interesting to meet again with Toronto’s web analytics community at the Beer Market. The discussion with you and June was as insightful and entertaining as always. However, I have not heard of any event in July. Do you know if Patrick is going to continue organizing them? If so, when will the next gathering take place?



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